The fallacy of clothing donations

We’ve all read the stories. Disaster relief agencies tell you they don’t need clothing donations. They politely thank well meaning donors, and ask them politely not to donate any more clothing, telling them they don’t need it and already have too much.

While that is true, it is not the full story. It is a story spread by well meaning volunteers and organizations, usually during times of extreme stress and urgent need.

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Disaster relief

What is Phase 2 Disaster Relief?

Disaster relief is a powerful way for citizens who have something to offer to help those who do not. At its very basic level it is a vehicle for transferring money and goods from people who can afford it to those who cannot. And it takes place, usually, during and after some sort of either manmade or natural disaster.

But did you know there are multiple phases to disaster relief? The need for help and support in rebuilding doesn’t die down when the media coverage stops.

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