Why we do what we do


We are often asked why we do what we do.  Volunteers give of their time and their hearts without any expectation of anything in return. They often work long hours, perform physical labor after a long day at the office, and give when it feels like they have nothing left.

Why do businesses give so freely, even in today’s busy corporate culture?

It is so easy to watch the news, see the stories of suffering, and simply change the channel. Why, then, do people insist on staying so involved in disasters?

The answer is short, simple, and sweet. It is summed up best by this attached article. A simple story that shares one family’s story of what some would call heroism, but what they call humanity. Taking care of each other, being there for your neighbor, and doing what they felt they should do when they were called upon to do.

The next time you think about changing that channel, think of this family, this community, and instead of turning a blind eye offer a helping hand.

They need it.

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