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Carr Fire

The Carr Fire is the largest fire in California history, burning over 170,000 acres, destroying over 1,000 homes and killing 7 people. The devastation is widespread and hard to comprehend. The recovery and rebuilding efforts will last for months, if not years. And as previous fire victims have said, they need everything and nothing.

Fire victims have lost so much they don’t even know where to begin. By having cash donations we are able to find out exactly what they need, and provide that to them.


Oklahoma Tornadoes

In May of 2013 Moore, Oklahoma was hit by an EF5 tornado with wind gusts of 210 mph, killing 24 people and injuring 212 others. Estimates say the tornado caused 2 billion dollars in damage and destroyed 1,150 homes.

Tragically, 2 schools were destroyed in the tornado and, in Plaza Towers Elementary, 7 people lost their lives.

Entire subdivisions were obliterated and areas that previously had buildings were left bare.


​Louisiana Flooding

In August of 2016 areas of Southern Louisiana suffered catastrophic flooding after prolonged rainfall. Since many of the homes and businesses destroyed were not in a flood zone, they did not have flood insurance, leaving people with no home, no hope, and no way out.

With 13 deaths and over $10 billion in estimated damage, the people of Louisiana had suffered the worst natural disaster in the United States since Hurricane Sandy in 2012.


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